Audio Amplifier (LNAA)

LNAA block


The LNAA is a low noise, low frequency amplifier with a customer-specified fixed gain between 30 and 60 dB. This amplifier module is designed to serve as a preamplifier for phase noise measurement systems where very low flicker and white noise is required and is equally useful in many applications where low noise is a critical parameter.


  • < 1 nV/root-Hz, Input Referred
  • Bandwidth 10 Hz to 1 MHz
  • Fixed Gain from 30 to 60 dB
  • 50 ohm or High-Z Input
  • Low Output Z


  • Low Phase Noise Measurements
  • Audio Signal Amplification

Typical Specifications

LNAA Specs-tifLNAA Specs

Mechanical Drawing

LNAA mechanical

Ordering Information

LNAA Standard OI

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