Diode Quadrupler (LNDQ)

LNDQ block


The LNDQ is a frequency quadrupler that provides excellent phase noise performance for outputs to 1 GHz with low conversion loss. This module features two cascaded Schottky Diode doublers with integrated bandpass filters to control unwanted multiplier products and low noise amplifiers to provide close to 0 dB conversion loss. The diode quadrupler is designed for a typical input level of +12 dBm to ensure optimal performance. Common amplifiers are offered for flexibility in configuring input/output levels (see amplifier selection table). Please consult our technical staff for assistance in configuring a multiplier to suit your input and output requirements.


  • Output Frequency to 1 GHz
  • Multiplication Factor: x4
  • 0 dB Conversion Loss, Typical
  • Intrinsic Phase Noise to -176 dBc/Hz
  • Integral Filters and Amplifiers


  • Synthesizer Building Block
  • Communication Systems
  • Radar Systems
  • Electronic Warfare Systems

Typical Specifications

LNDQ Specs

Mechanical Drawing

LNDQ Mechanical

Ordering Information

lndq standard oi** These part numbers are a few common configurations. Use the Ordering Information guide and the 
Amplifier Selection Table for additional amplifier options or consult the factory for assistance.

Standard Amplifier Options

standard amplifying options*** See the complete  Amplifier Selection Table for additional amplifier options.

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