The HF Ultra Low Noise oscillator provides excellent temperature stability, ultra-low phase noise performance and good overall short term stability. The HF ULN phase noise performance has been verified by NIST with noise floors to -180 dBc/Hz, although typical performance is specified as low as -176 dBc/Hz. The 5 MHz model is available with temperature stability to ±1E-8 over the 0 to +50°C temperature range and an aging rate as low as 1E-10 per day. A low noise internal voltage regulator is included, which provides excellent power supply line rejection. Please consult the factory to discuss any custom specification modifications which may better suit your application.


  •  Output Frequencies: 5 MHz to 25 MHz
  •  Ultra Low Phase Noise
  •  Excellent Temperature Stability
  •  Low Aging Rate
  •  Internal Voltage Regulator


  •  Phase Noise Measurement Reference
  •  Synthesizers
  •  Radar Systems
  •  Test Equipment

Typical Specifications

HF ULN Typical Specs

Mechanical Drawing

HF ULN mechanical

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