Integrated Mixer (LNIMX)

LNIMX block


The LNIMX module is an integrated mixer module which incorporates a low noise mixer, band-pass and low-pass filters and low noise amplifiers, providing a space saving solution for combining two RF signals. The standard low noise mixer is the M/A Com M8TH, but other mixers options are available. The user can select the desired signal by following the unfiltered output with the appropriate customer provided filter. Many internal amplifier options are available and will be selected based on the input signal frequencies, input signal levels and phase noise performance. Please consult our technical staff for assistance in configuring an LNIMX module to meet your needs.


  • LO Input Frequency to 3.4 GHz
  • RF Input Frequency to 2 GHz
  • Intrinsic Phase Noise to -170 dBc/Hz
  • Integral Amplifiers, Filters and Mixer


  • Synthesizer Building Block
  • Communication Systems
  • Radar Systems
  • Electronic Warfare Systems

Typical Specifications


Mechanical Drawing

LNIMX mechanical

Ordering Information

lnimx standard oi

Standard Amplifier Options

standard amplifying options*** See the complete  Amplifier Selection Table for additional amplifier options.

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