Small Fry


The Small Fry is a 5 MHz to 25 MHz fixed frequency OCXO featuring a vacuum flask insulator which minimizes the effects of short term temperature changes resulting in temperature stabilities as low as ±1E-9, making this model one of the most stable crystal based references available. With good stability and phase noise floors as low as -168 dBc/Hz, this model is an excellent reference oscillator for many instrument applications. An internal voltage regulator is provided for excellent power supply line rejection. Please consult the factory if you need any specifications to be modified to better suit your application.


  •  Frequencies from 5 MHz to 25 MHz, fixed
  •  Low Phase Noise
  •  Excellent Temperature Stability
  •  Very Good Short Term Stability
  •  Low Aging rate


  •  GPS Receivers
  •  Synthesizers
  •  Instruments

Typical Specifications

Small Fry Typical Specs

Package A

Small Fry PKG A

Package B

Small Fry PKG B

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