Standard HF PLO


The Standard HF PLO is a 5 MHz to 25 MHz fixed frequency OCXO integrated with a low noise phase lock loop circuit, and is ideal for use as a phase noise clean-up oscillator when phase locking to a more stable source such as a rubidium, cesium or GPS reference. The PLO offers low aging and good temperature stability (when free-running), and a low phase noise floor to -165 dBc/Hz. Frequency dividers are used to prescale the internal HF oscillator and the external reference frequencies to phase lock at a common lower frequency. The standard PLL loop bandwidth options are ≤ 0.1 Hz or ≤ 1 Hz. The PLO is housed in a 2.94” x 2.25” x 0.6” solder sealed steel can, which includes a mounting flange. An internal voltage regulator is provided for excellent power supply line rejection. Please consult the factory if you need any specifications to be modified to better suit your application.


  • Frequencies from 5 MHz to 25 MHz, fixed
  • Low Phase Noise Floor to -165 dBc/Hz
  • PLL Loop Bandwidth as low as ≤ 0.1 Hz
  • Good Temperature Stability
  • Low Aging Rate


  • Up/Down Converters
  • GPS Receivers
  • System Synchronization
  • Test Equipment
  • Instruments

Typical Specifications

Standard HF PLO Typical Specs

Mechanical Drawing

Std HF PLO (1) mechanical

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