Vibration Isolated HF Citrine


The Vibration Isolated HF Citrine is a 10 MHz to 25 MHz fixed frequency rugged OCXO featuring Standard or Premium phase noise options, excellent temperature stability and low g-sensitivity (to 1E-10/g per axis), mounted within an outer enclosure using shock mounts. Although vibration isolation may not be a viable solution for some applications, it works well for dampening vibration beyond the natural resonant frequency of the isolated unit, typically 50 Hz to 70 Hz, and varies depending on the weight of the isolated unit and vibration profile. The Vibration Isolated HF Citrine is an ideal solution for airborne and mobile applications with random vibration requiring improved dynamic phase noise performance at offsets at and beyond 100 Hz. Effective g-sensitivity to 5E-12/g (2 kHz offset) can be realized. The nickel-plated machined aluminum outer enclosure is 3.25” x 3.05” x 1.25”. A low noise internal voltage regulator is included, which provides excellent power supply line rejection. Please consult the factory to discuss any custom specification modifications which may better suit your application.


  • Frequencies from 10 MHz to 25 MHz, fixed
  • Standard or Premium Phase Noise
  • Ruggedized for Dynamic Environments
  • Low G-Sensitivity to 1E-10/g per axis
  • Natural Mount Frequency: ~50 Hz, typical
  • Effective G-Sensitivity to 5E-12/g (2 kHz offset)


  • Military Applications
  • Airborne and Ground
  • Radar Systems
  • Tactical Radio
  • Vehicular Communication

Typical Specifications

Vibe Iso HF Citrine Typical Specs

Mechanical Drawing

Vibe Iso HF Citrine mechanical

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