The Sprinter oscillators are general purpose OCXOs with a fixed output frequency between 25 MHz and 130 MHz, which offer excellent overall performance at a modest cost. They provide good frequency stability over temperature and phase noise floor performance to -167 dBc/Hz. Connector options include PCB mount with solder pins on the base or SMA(f) connector and solder pins on the side.  A low noise voltage regulator is included to minimize power supply line related spurious signals. Please contact technical staff to discuss custom requirements.


  •  Output Frequency: 25 MHz to 130 MHz
  •  Low Phase Noise
  •  Good Frequency Stability over Temperature
  •  PCB Mount and SMA Packages Available
  •  Internal Voltage Regulator


  •  General Purpose Reference
  •  Portable Transceivers
  •  Synthesizers
  •  Test Equipment
  •  Base Stations

Typical Specifications

Sprinter Typical Specs

Package A

Sprinter PKG A (SMA)

Package B

Sprinter PKG B (pins)

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