Low G-Sensitivity

Wenzel Associates designs and manufactures crystal oscillators, fixed frequency systems, integrated microwave assemblies and synthesizers to X-band. Precision crystal oscillators, which are at the heart of many high level electronic systems, are often the most susceptible component in the system to acceleration, vibration, shock and acoustic environments. These dynamic conditions are common in airborne, ground and shipboard applications and significant degradation of the entire system can occur as a result. For these systems, it is imperative for designers to select a crystal oscillator that has been designed to minimize the effects of the crystal’s acceleration sensitivity. Dynamic phase noise performance of an oscillator can be improved with careful selection of a low-g crystal and depends on the application specifications. Careful attention to the mechanical design and potential resonances are required to convert a standard commercial oscillator to one with low-g performance. Testing under various conditions is provided using one of several Ling shaker tables on site and test data is provided for most low-g oscillators. Please contact our technical staff for assistance in selecting the best Wenzel product for your specific application.  
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